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(2024 - Currently in Draft - All rounds and round numbers TBC):

Our Rounds are held at various tracks and hillclimbs throughout the year, hosted by the below partners links. 

R1 - 25th Feb – Collie Layout TBC (CMP)

R2 - 6th April – Collie Long track Sprint (CMP)

R3 - 7th April – Collie Short track Sprint (CMP)

R4 - 4th May – Point 2 point, Raceway (WASCC)

R5 - 1st June - Albany Windfarm Hillclimb (GSSMA)

R6 - 3rd June - Pendeen Sprint, Albany (GSSMA) - Groups for the Weekend - LINK to PDF

R7 - 6th July - Collie Sprint (CMP)

R8 - 7th July - Collie Sprint (CMP)

R9 - 3rd August – Long track Sprint, Raceway (WASCC)

R10 - 21st September – Point 2 Point, Raceway (WASCC)

R11 - 27th October – Jacks Hill, Raceway (WASCC)

R12 - 23rd November - Collie Sprint (CMP)

R13 - 24th November - Collie Sprint (CMP)

Calendar Disclaimer

Cancelled events beyond the Series Control, e.g. cancellation of an event by the host club for whatever reason(s), poor weather, force majeure and/or other reasons would result in one less round being held in the 2024 season.  Efforts shall be made by the Series team to replace an event(s), though the replacement event(s), if found, may not necessarily be a like for like replacement.