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You can........with the Speed Event Series WA group of Racers and Motorsport Enthusiasts.

We promote the "Take it to the Track" mentality

The Motorsport Australia State Speed Event Series WA is a grass-roots motorsport series. Our aim is to promote safe, club level motorsport and to encourage new drivers to hone their driving skills as a potential springboard to other categories.

The series itself does not run events, but rather utilises the skills and resources of Motorsport Australia affiliated car clubs to host rounds of a variety of events including Sprints, Hillclimbs and the like. Cars vary from beautiful open wheelers through classic Fords and Minis to modern Euro and Japanese cars – whatever you have is welcome.

To be eligible for series points, you will need to register at the beginning of a calendar year and pay a small nomination fee. However, this in no way means you can’t participate in events – in fact we welcome both new people and experienced drivers to join in and come have some fun.

Further information regarding MSA license required, vehicle and classes etc are available in other sections of our website and feel free to reach out to us with any questions